Eric was born in 1942 in the leafy suburb of Wimbledon, London. In 1963, he married Pat. 50 years, six children and numerous grandchildren later, they are still very much together, which is, Eric says “a miracle of grace on her part”. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with the whole family in 2013.

He loves reading, socialising with friends, listening to music, crossword puzzles, watching movies, walking the dogs and books about the World Wars. Eric is also an avid ‘Goon Show’ fan and enjoys the odd glass of good red wine.


He became a full-time evangelist in 1972, leading many missions with the title, ‘Down to Earth’, resulting in thousands of conversions. Over those years, Eric sensed a call to ordained ministry and in 1988, entered Trinity College, Bristol. He began parish ministry in January 1993 at St Lawrence, Kirkdale in inner city Liverpool. Eric refers to Kirkdale as “the place where I re-learnt the power of the Gospel.”

From May 1996 to December 2012, Eric was vicar of St Luke’s Church, Maidstone, a thriving, charismatic community-driven church with a parish exceeding over 10,000 people. While at St. Luke’s, Eric founded People Without Limits, the company behind the Detling Summer Celebration. With responsibility for ongoing vision and spiritual oversight, Eric continues to guide the event into the future.


Eric’s latest publications, ‘Live Like You Mean It’ and ‘To Boldly Go’ (his 1970s classic totally re-written for the 21st century) explore working out who you are, God’s destiny for you and never letting go of that vision. Drawing on Bible stories, Eric digs deep into the humanity of many characters and Jesus, the skilled carpenter/builder who became Saviour of the world. Well received by the literary industry, Eric continues to write and has recently been working with Nick Battle producing ‘The Billy Fidget Letters’ and its sequel, ‘Billy Fidget - Family Fortunes’. Fast moving, funny, yet wittily poignant books where we see the harsh reality of what happens when things really go wrong. And learn God really is bigger!


Eric has become well known for running men’s conferences entitled ‘Echoes in Eternity’. Echoes I is subtitled ‘The Call to Adventure’. Using video clips from classic films such as Lord of the Rings, Gladiator and The Matrix, Eric challenges men to embrace their destiny, exploring how to become Warriors - dangerous to the enemy, Prophets - men of insight, Priests - powerful in prayer and Kings - reigning in life. Echoes II has the strapline, ‘The Road to Maturity’. Using the same approach, he looks at roles embraced by the Apostle Paul, Soldier - committed and loyal, Farmer - out in all weathers, Athlete - disciplined and honourable, Father - tough and tender.


After twenty years leading cross-stream missions, twenty years in local church leadership and many mistakes along the way, Eric has learned a bit about leadership! His ‘Twelve Principles of Transformational Leadership’ course has been helpful to teams of leaders and local churches seeking to raise their game.

The future...

Finally, after twenty years of responsibility for leading a local church, Eric is excited to be released again to serve as a travelling evangelist, encourager and teacher. He is looking forward with great anticipation to all the fresh challenges God has in the future.