Detling Summer Celebration

The Detling summer celebration is a holiday gathering of Christians like no other. Its family-friendly atmosphere where you’re surrounded by your best friends and Christian family makes you feel at home straight away. No two days are ever the same and whether you are younger or older, reserved or extrovert, Detling is the place to come to be refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated through having a great time, every day!

With an early Jumpstart to get people going, the days get into full swing with seminars, bible studies and workshops through to a full programme of evening entertainment across the site with something for everyone. Read more

Echoes in Eternity

Echoes in Eternity was built around the theme of ‘A Call to Adventure’. So many Christian men are leading dull and rather boring spiritual lives and often their real life was to be found in their career and yet if they were to allow the Holy Spirit to come in and turn that career into an adventure for God, it would actually be much more rewarding and would be participating in eternity even while they were living in the corporate life or on the shop floor.

Having created Echoes in Eternity – The Call to Adventure, there was a need to look at other roles including the great adventurer of the scriptures, Paul. A realisation became apparent that we needed to call men on the road to maturity. So Echoes in Eternity II – The Road to Maturity was born. Read more